I have used this laser boresighter for the last 2 years plus in a full time gunsmith shop and it gets plenty of use everyday. No problems. Excellent company to deal with for extra thread on adapters.

    I just purchased their SL-500 and it is a homerun.

    I would not recommend this laser to my competitors!

    BOTTOM LINE: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

    — R.H. – Gunsmith

  • Comments about the SL-100 MAG LASER BORESIGHTER by members of the NORTH AMERICAN HUNTING CLUB:

    I would recommend this product to all hunters who may need to sight in a new scope on their new rifle or maybe a new shotgun for that matter. I have used it to sight my 270 hunting rifle as well as my 12 gauge shotgun. It is a wonderful and amazing product for the average or experienced hunter.

    — M. – NAHC Member

  • I am new to hunting and I tried this on my gun and it was so easy to sight it in at the range. I am still learning a lot about guns but this product really helped me learn that there are a lot of tools out there for hunters to make the hunt easier.

    — D.M. – NAHC Member

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed testing this laser boresighter, it has performed marvelously. I even dropped it ands it still works.

    — B.T. – NAHC Member

  • I used this product to boresight all my hunting rifles and muzzleloaders. The easy to understand instructions and ease of use was amazing. I have used similar products in the past and none compare to the accuracy I received with the SL-100. Even my muzzleloaders are now right on target. With hunting just beginning I now feel more confident that I can hit any target.

    — R.A. – NAHC Member

  • The product is small and very easy to lug around when going to the range. Its great design makes it easy to use.

    — D.C. – NAHC Member

  • I would recommend this product because of its ease of use and because it can be used with so many different calibers.

    — B.O. – NAHC Member

  • Works great, easy to use, with awesome features.

    — C.K. – NAHC Member

  • All in all, this is a great laser boresighter. It performed very well and got me right on target! Also the scope leveler works like a dream! Price is not bad either compared to a standard boresighter which costs about the same.

    — O.F. – NAHC Member

  • This is the easiest boresighter I have ever used. It is also the most accurate.

    — L.J. – NAHC Member

  • I would recommend this product. It performed flawlessly on both my rifles and was very close when used with a pistol. The product was very simple to use and is a great tool to utilize when sighting in firearms as it is much more cost effective than shooting a box of ammo.

    — C.G. – NAHC Member

  • I like being able to sight in multiple calibers.

    — S.B. – NAHC Member

  • I would highly recommend the SL-100 Mag Laser Boresighter to anyone who owns a firearm that is serious about the shooting sport. It is very easy to use and dead on accurate. Also with the use of the Site-Lite software, I boresighted 5 rifles of different makes and calibers with amazing results at the range. In my mind Site-Lite has done it right.

    — R.C. – NAHC Member

  • The SL-100 is by far the best boresighter I have ever used.

    — A.K. – NAHC Member

  • This is an excellent tool to get your rifle or shotgun sighted-in. I usually have to waste time firing 4 or 5 rounds to get a close proximity for a new scope, but the Laser Boresighter helped make a quicker and more accurate shot the first time. It is definitely worth having.

    — J.N. – NAHC Member

  • For the money I think it is a good deal. There are a lot of lasers out there, but this one has a lot more functions.

    — B.O. – NAHC Member

  • It is very easy to use, requires very little time and extra tools or equipment other than a steady platform and your favorite scope/rifle combo.

    — M.L. – NAHC Member

  • It is a great product and so easy to use. I loved how well it worked for me. Well worth the price.

    — P.R. – NAHC Member

  • The many caliber rings for the SL-100 Mag Laser Boresighter make it extremely versatile. It can be used with many different calibers and doesn’t lose its effectiveness.

    — A.N. – NAHC Member

  • Its ease of use makes this boresighter work for anyone, all you have to do is read. I went to their website and downloaded the sight target to match my caliber. You will find many calibers to choose from.

    — M.C. – NAHC Member

  • The SL-100 Mag Laser Boresighter is awesome. It only took me one shot on my rifle and I was shooting dead on at 300 yards. It is easy to use and the computer program for it takes all the guesswork out for you.

    — P.L. – NAHC Member

  • After I got the measurement of the sight height from the bore, everything was very easy!

    I only took 2 shots on each rifle to be on at 100 yards. The second shot was only to confirm that I didn’t jump (shooting a Remington 7 Mag with lots of kick).

    I printed targets for 15 yards with the Laser and for 100 yards zero when shot.

    I also like the fact that this covers all guns from .22 to 12 gauge shotgun.

    — G.P. – NAHC Member

  • It was awesome how I could double check my scopes, from .22 all the way up to my 12 gauge, in a matter of minutes.

    It is the best boresighter for sighting in a new scope. Beginning with making sure the crosshairs are straight, to making a grid card for each one of your guns afterward.

    — G.K. – NAHC Member

  • It is the greatest thing since sliced bread, no more four foot pieces of cardboard so you can see your first shot. No wasted ammo trying to sight in by guess or by goll. This boresighter is so easy and accurate it is almost sinful.

    — J.S. – NAHC Member

  • Easy to use and very accurate.

    — B.S. – NAHC Member

  • Used this to check zero on several of my rifles. Almost perfect on each. Looks like it would be simple to use on sighting in a new gun.

    — D.S. – NAHC Member

  • The boresighter came in handy. I just bought an old .300 Savage, and had to put a scope on it. With the Mag Laser, I got the gun to sight in within 3” at 100 yards and saved approximately 5 shots or so.

    — J.G. – NAHC Member

  • This is a great product to get your guns close to bull’s-eye. Then you can fine tune at the range.

    — J.B. – NAHC Member

  • This boresighter was by far easier to use than any other type I have used. I found it to be simple and accurate to use. The selection of the rubber o-rings for bore selection was great. The fact that it came with a selection for a shotgun was very useful.

    — M.M. – NAHC Member

  • I used it to boresight my 270 with BSA scope and my 41 Remington Mag open sight. It put my 270 on paper at 100 yards relatively close to the bull’s-eye. It put my 41 right where I wanted it at 25 yards.

    — R.B. – NAHC Member

  • The boresighter was very useful in the guns that I used it on, and I would suggest this product to other people using on their own guns.

    — W.B. – NAHC Member

  • I would recommend this product to fellow hunters who need a little help in zeroing their weapon. It did the trick for me and didn’t fail me once.

    — J.O. – NAHC Member

  • I used this boresighter on everything from an M4 carbine to a .50 cal machine gun and have never had a boresighter that was so close to an actual zero from shooting live rounds. Used it with many different types of aiming devices and optics with excellent results and accuracy.

    — L.H. – NAHC Member

  • The product worked fantastically!

    — C.H. – NAHC Member

  • I have used other laser boresighters and all you could do is get on paper. With the SL-100 you get within inches!

    — W.R. – NAHC Member

  • This is the most accurate boresighter I have used. I have used many boresighters before and this is the best one ever.

    — G.D. – NAHC Member

  • Per our phone conversation of a few minutes ago, please send me the BTS software for accurate boresighting. Thank you for your honesty and information re same. I love my Site Lite, it is simple and reliable and standard equipment in my shooting box.

    — S.H.

  • Your product is great; I have used it for the last several years and have been very happy with it.

    — J.S.

  • Dear Rich,

    I pulled a boneheaded act and left my SL 100 in the bore of a 22 rifle and fired a round. The sound was sickening and the laser was stuck in the very slightly bulged barrel. I cut off the end of the barrel and was able to retrieve the laser but the threads were damaged. When I called you, I was expecting a healthy repair bill due to the conditions under which the unit was damaged. I was very surprised and pleased when I was told there would be no charge to put the system back in proper condition. Thank you very much and I will be your life long emissary.

    — R.T.

  • The quality of your customer service and support matches that of your product.

    Thank you.
    — M.

  • Attention Rich:

    I would like to take this opportunity to relate to you the results of using your product a short time ago. I purchased a SL500 bore sighter and was using it to prepare for a 600 yard bench rest shoot in Oak Ridge TN. I had put a new rail and scope on a 6mm-284 rifle I was going to shoot in the match, but did not have time to visit the local range to zero. I was very concerned with getting the rifle zeroed. I planned to zero in at 25 feet in my house and check zero after we got to the Oak Ridge range.

    When we arrived at the Oak Ridge range on Saturday morning, we were informed that due to local restrictions, no shots could be fired on the range prior to 9:00 am, the start time of the competition at 600 yards. I decide to take a chance on the zero of my scope, and proceeded to shoot at the 600 yard sighter target. Unbelievably, my first shot hit right on the paper. I later stated to a couple of friends at the shoot that if it were not for the laser bore sighter, I might have driven 3 hours to watch someone else shoot, instead of placing second in the match. I think all in attendance that knew what had happened were amazed by the precision of the equipment and adjustments.

    I wish to convey my thanks and appreciation of the great product you market. I know this story borders on unbelievable, but everything I have related is true. I definitely have a greater appreciation of your products and quality. Thanks from all of us in East Tennessee.

    — Church Hill, TN.

  • I purchased the SL-150 Ultra mag Laser to align my scopes on a couple of firearms that were mounted by a gunsmith. I set them up according to your instructions, then went outside and aligned them on the side of a tree appox. 60 yds. away. I then went to the range to test the set up. Both rifles were on exact horizontal alignment and both exactly 1" high at 100 yds. This is the most incredible boresighter I have ever seen. A total of 5 rounds were shot on the two guns to zero at 200 yds. It's the best money ever spent on gun accessories. I'm doing the rest of my firearms today and stopped to send this e-mail.

    — G. W. L.

  • Dear Sir,

    I own a SL-100, SN:13074 and I need information on how to obtain replacement o-rings. I have used this product on many firearms for years and I am VERY pleased with it's performance.

    — M.B.

  • Dear Rich,

    Here’s one for your testimonial file; MAN ALIVE! Was I thrilled to get your response AND the info/parts I needed as fast as it came! Also kudos for your military commitment.

    Thanks A Million
    — Matt Steffan Buffalo NY

  • I have been using the sl-100 for about four years now, its been the best boresight system I have used. Thanks for every thing.

    — J.S.

  • Mr. Langner

    I am a Marine Sniper, advanced Marksmanship Instructor and accomplished Marine Corps Competition Shooter. I have spent a significant amount of my life in marksmanship. In the past 14 years I have learned a thing or two about putting bullets on target.

    In the past I had been against LBS systems primarily because when I want to boresite is in my garage, basement, or shop when there typically is not enough range for the laser to work properly. Or on the range and you can't REALLY see the laser clearly during the day. And I also believe that you should train how you actually operate. I never had any intention of using an LBS in a tactical situation. Pre-Op boresite is using a 12 inch bulls-eye target at a distance that the circle JUST barely fits centered inside the bore while bagged in. Then look through the ocular lens and the hairs should be high but on the paper. Next you use the same process on something (anything larger) at a distance of 300 yards. That does not sound very precise, but it has worked over the years.

    Recently I broke down and purchased the SL-500 Ultra Mag Green Laser, due to the features but especially because it was on sale. (Cabelas). I have to say that I am impressed with the design and ease of use for the LBS. So far it has worked great. I am especially impressed with the BTS software that came with it. Very smart by the way by adding the user name and password in the manual without a disk.

    My most important reason for writing is to thank you. I have been in the Scout Sniper community off and on for almost 15 years. Over that time I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars out of my pocket purchasing gear to help me complete my mission. I had not thought much about it over the years other than if it allows me to (do whatever) better, then it is worth it. So I totally understand why service men buy out of pocket. Sometimes it is just the gadgets that they like, but mostly it is out of a desire to be better or better prepared for their mission. There is honor in that.

    I was really surprised to read the "about us" page of your web site. I wish to thank you for your support of our troops. I was sold on the warranty policy you back your products up with but now I am a life long supporter of you and your company. I will own your products for the rest of my life. And since I am a LBS guy now too, that might be quite a few.

    Thank you again for your assistance to our troops. You and your company are making a difference to those young men and women over there. The gesture may be lost on the young, but not over time.

    — J. Gunnery Sergeant USMC

  • Dear Sirs,

    I am extremely amazed and impressed with your product! I purchased an SL-100 to help me with the many scope changes and sighting-in chores I have, and it has lived up to every word printed about it!

    I would like to obtain a good number of extra o-rings for a caliber I use often. One of my rubber o rings is already looking worn. How can I purchase many items of one size?

    Thank you again for such a wonderful product! I look forward to your reply.

    — Ryan m.

  • Rich,

    I really appreciate that you would send me something at no charge! That's never heard of in this day and age... everybody wants a buck.

    II only need extra .22 caliber o-rings, but I want to keep many on hand. I've already run the laser through about 40 bores!!! I guess it's getting more use than I originally intended it to - hahaha! I'm not abusing them, but I can see that using it with so many guns of a similar caliber, I wouldn't want to be out of a size I need.

    This is a wonderful tool, and I cannot believe that I have been without if for so long. Thank you again! Please let me know if there is some way I can pay you back for your generosity.

    — Ryan M.


    — NORRIS

  • Rich

    Thank you, service like this is far and few between. I really appreciate it.

    — P.G.

  • Rich & Company,

    Just want to say thanks for the SL-150, it proved to be an invaluable addition to our equipment package. I'm so impressed with it that I'll be buying one for my personal use when I return to the States.

    Thanks again and God Bless.

    — MSgt G. R.

  • Hi Rich,

    JThank you for the parts and for the great product. It has saved me a lot of ammo, targets, & range time.

    — Phil

  • Hi-I recently purchased a Green Light SL 500 through Cabela's. What a piece of work. The people in the ammunition industry probably frown on you guys. I have used it on everything I have from 22 (scoped and open sights) to 9mm, including 30-30 open sights. To pun a phrase, "Even a Caveman can do it."

    — R.F.

  • I have a older SL-100 laser boresighter that my father and I bought about 8yrs ago and have enjoyed it ever since. We have boresighted about 40 firearms with great success. All of are friends and relatives give us there firearms to sight in for them because they have seen how much ammo and time we save by using your wonderful system.

    — Brad

  • I just wanted to send a short note to say WOW, I let a buddy borrow my SL-150 I just got it back today, one of the adapters was missing and ALL of the rings! To say the least I was mad, so I called you guys today, to see how much the rings and adapter would be? To my UTTER surprise there FREE!! What??!! WOW what a company!!! Thanks again for making such a GREAT product AS ALWAYS I TELL PEOPLE TO BUY ONLY SiteLite!!!

    — W.E.

  • Wow! Great Service. Thank youJ Warren

    First let me say that your SL 100 is an outstanding product. We have hunted for years using the traditional sighting in methods and been reasonably successful. Our hunting success increased significantly this past year after we purchased the SL 100 at our local Bass Pro Shops. In our region of Upstate NY we are required to use shotguns for deer hunting. Fine tuning a shotgun scope is a very tedious task. That is no longer the case with our SL 100! All of the guys with 20 Ga and 12 Ga guns had exceptional years. I attribute this to the pre-sighting we did with the SL 100.

    — J.A.D. NY

  • Mr. Langner,

    I received the targets (two). Thanks so much for the outstanding customer service. It is refreshing to see a company focused on their customers. I plan to upgrade my boresighter soon, no reason to look beyond your great company.

    Best Regards,
    — Mike

  • I'll be recommending this laser site to everyone I speak with...not only because it's the best bore sighter I've used, but your service is commendable. Again, thanks for everything.

    — B.

  • Thank you for the quick reply! Nice to know some companies still support their products, and very good products they are!!

    — Marc

  • Thanks so much!! Your customer service is un heard of these days!! I am now going to write a testimonial on your web page!! Thanks so much!

    Your laser system is the greatest, and I tell everyone at my club and people I see when hunting about your product.

    — P.P.

  • We use the SL-100 Mag Laser and we absolutely love it. It saves use a lot of time and ammo with our state marksmanship weapons.


  • I've bought and tried different laser boresighters and you're product has got to be the best of the best. It's a great product!!!

    — D.G.

  • I have the SL-150 Green Mag Laser Boresighter. The Cabelas Special Edition. I am looking to find another set of O-rings for it. I do a lot of sighting for people and over time I have used these rings and sometimes damaged them. I can not rind replacements anywhere. Thank you in advance for your help. This is a top-notch product. I couldn't be nearly as accurate without it.

    — T.D.

  • Good afternoon Rich,

    It's confirmed, the testimonials about your company are true! Excellent customer service.

    — Charles

  • This last weekend I taught my 15 year old son how to zero his guns using your product. It's so easy to use and very accurate.

    — E.G.

  • Dear Rich,

    It was a pleasure to talk to you last night. I called you to tell you that I had just purchased the SL-100 laser Boresighting System and the very first time I used it, I damaged it. I was sighting in my Marlin 35 caliber with raised sights. I decided to adjust the target on the wall, so I put the rifle on the bench with the SL-100 in the barrel. The rifle fell off the bench and bent the laser boresighter. I was so sick, I wanted to cry. I had wanted an SL-100 for a long time. Out of all other boresighters on the market that I had researched, the SL-100 seemed to be the best. I finally get one, and through negligence, I damage it. The first thing I did was try to straighten it out. That was a mistake, I took most of the curve out of it but it's nowhere near precise. When I called you to ask about the warranty, I was very impressed with your response to send it back for a new one without charge. The president of the company, a former new Yorker, not only gets on the phone, but also gives me great news. It was definitely my lucky day. Companies like yours are rare these days. One thing for sure, you have a customer for life in me.

    Once again, thanks so much for not only selling a tremendous product, but also backing it with a great company.

    —Pete C.

  • To Whom It May Concern:

    I have started using my new "SL-100" Mag Laser Boresighter, and have been more than happy with the results.

    —R.K. , Riverside, CA

  • Dear Mr. Langner:

    I highly recommend this product to everyone who owns, uses or repairs firearms. It is truly a lifesaver, especially when you are out hunting in the field and you accidentally jar or knock your scope out of alignment due to an unfriendly tree branch. You can realign the scope without firing a shot that could possibly scare away the game you are hunting.


  • Dear Sirs:

    I just purchased your SL-100 Mag Laser Boresighting System. I love is the most accurate system on the market. Believe me, I have tried them all. I recently showed mine to my hunting club members and 11 of them purchased the SL-100 for themselves and for Christmas gifts for relatives.

    Sincerely Yours,
    —Jerry Gogue, Jr.

  • Dear Customer Service Department,

    Recently you replaced and upgraded my damaged SL-100 at no charge to me. The service was outstanding and very timely. Companies like yours are rare. I thank you very much.

    Thanks again,

  • Dear Mr. Langner,

    I purchased your SL-100 Laser Bore Sighting device about 3 years ago. And, I have never been disappointed in the end results. When I called your organization for .22 cal. replacement o-rings with the intention to purchase, Concept Development sent me six o-rings at no cost. I am taking the time to thank you for your quick and favorable customer service. This product, the SL-100, is excellent for bench set-up and in-field use.

    Thank you!
    —T.A. M. Texas

  • Thank you!

    I wanted to say thanks on the turn around time and the free repairs, as the damage was all my fault.

    It's nice to see stand up companies are still around.

    Thanks again.

  • Rich,

    I wanted to tell you that, after boresighting my rifle (a Savage Model 10 Tactical .308 with a Leupold LR/T scope) that I was more than on paper at 100 yards. It took three minor adjustments, two of which were position related as I was prone instead of bench, and one elevation adjustment and I was putting one inch groups, consistently, at 100 yards. I have recently put this weapon and scope together, and I have never fired it until to today. I believe your product really helped me get it to that point.


  • It's one thing to make a great product, but it's even better when it's backed up by excellent customer service, especially when the customer is at fault. I will highly recommend your products to everyone I know looking for a sighting system.


  • I have had this boresighter for a few years now and find it to be absolutely excellent. Sighting in has never been so easy.

    —D.W.P. Ireland

  • You make an excellent product. It makes it so much cheaper and easier to zero a weapon.


  • Thank you for your assistance. I found the SL-100 to be the best. I have used it quite often for all my scoped firearms.

    Again, Thank you,